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Our Story

The story of Rainbow Angels started far before it became an independent business. The magic of a pregnancy, the essential purchases, the cute little outfits, it all built this magical story of a new life about to happen. The most magical time, nothing comes close to the feeling of a newborn baby about to arrive. We can go all go mad with shopping for maternity presents for any imminent arrivals and spoiling mum and parents to be. Opening up a baby shower present that has been so thoughtfully put together, just magical. That is where our nappy cake selection started and as with anything cute and sweet, we expanded our treat selection into cupcake booties and surprise boxes in different sizes.

Of course, there is another side to the sweet  magical experience. Sleeping angels, miscarriages. With personal experience of many of these, knowing nothing can alleviate the pain, nothing can make it go away. Supporting a grieving parent or parent-to-be is very hard. Often you would like to support or do something but what? Everyone is different and grieves differently, we therefore have different ideas for you to choose from to purchase just that little thoughtful item which can add a special touch during a difficult time where words are not easily found. Many of our gifts can be personalised. If you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to come to life, please do contact us. Our motto is "your tiny treasure, our greatest pleasure!" Nothing is more satisfying than sending out something so precious, the excitement and anticipation is just beyond us! 
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